Radical Kindness Warrior

Where Courageous Compassion Takes Inspired Action

What is Radical Kindness?

Up with Kindness! Down with Bystanderism!

“Kindness is my religion.”
~The Dalai Lama

Most people do nothing when they see abuse. Doing “nothing” turns out to be doing something: condoning the abuse. Become a Radical Kindness Warrior and you will always walk confidently through the world, knowing you will always know what to do in any situation where someone is being hurt, emotionally or physically.

The Two Cardinal Rules of a Radical Kindness Warrior

1. Never, Never, Never Do Anything to Put Yourself in Jeopardy or Make the Situation Worse.
2. Always, Always, Always Do Something to Make the Situation Better.

Radical Kindness is not wimpy. It is not tepid or apologetic. When you decide to take a stand for Radical Kindness, you become a Radical Kindness Warrior.

An Anti-Bystander Program

When we are observing cruelty and we think we are doing nothing, we are really doing something very powerful: we are condoning the behavior and giving ourselves a “cowardice hangover” that might last a lifetime.

Not an Anti-Bullying Program

Calling someone a bully is shaming and glues their behavior to them. There are no good guys and bad guys, only wounded guys. We are all innocent and we are all guilty.

Not to Worry! No Direct Confrontation

Kindness is the BalmMost of these suggestions have a bit of humor in them and do not advise direct confrontation. Yikes! Who wants to pour more kerosene on a fire?

Instead, Radical Kindness Warriors often do something to change the focus, such as bursting out singing “Happy Birthday!”

How Do I Become a Radical Kindness Warrior?

Sign up for Vicki Hannah Lein’s book, practice the suggestions, and invite Vicki to speak to your association, school, place of work, or legislature. She works with individuals, couples, and families as well. Learn more about Vicki.

“Vicki’s approach takes on a serious subject with humor and perspective. She sings her message right into your heart and invites you to be braver than you ever thought you could be. Her suggestions are simple, fun, and easy to apply.”
~Deb Gauldin, singing nurse and specialist in workplace morale

International Speaker, Award-Winning Educational Consultant, and Humor Recovery Specialist