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Up with Kindness!
Down with Bystanderism!

 I hope you enjoy the book introduction, the poster, the songs, and the Radical Kindness Warrior Pledge.  Practice the suggestions and let me know how they work for you.

Make Your Own Radical Kindness Warrior Videos

 I would LOVE to collect videos of children and adults acting out the suggestions.  If you come up with even more ideas, that would be fun, too.

Get Graduate Credit for Learning How to Be a Radical Kindness Warrior

I can offer Continuing Education Credit or Graduate Credit for my presentations.  Let me know if you are interested.  Contact me at

Hire a Terrific, Funny Musical Motivational Speaker

Video of Testimonial from Asher College where the guy says I’m one of the best speakers he’s ever seen.

Recover Your Sense of Humor

 I’m legally blind and the experience, while inherently full of laughs,  has taught me about resilience, patience, courage, and gratitude.  I’ve learned to find the funny faster in any situation,  You, too, can learn to teach your pain to migrate to your funny bone quickly. Visit Find the Funny Faster

Receive Individual Coaching

 I work with individuals, couples, schools, and in the workplace. Visit Outrageously Alive, my education website.

Gifts For You!

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Radical Kindness Warrior HandbookIntroduction to the Radical Kindness Warrior Handbook
Click HERE to download  


Poster:  Traits of a Radical Kindness Warrior
Click HERE to download   


Radical Kindness Pledge
Click HERE to download   


Cruelty is Not Cool   Cruelty is Not Cool

No Bad Body Talk, from a talk I gave entitled “Taking a Stand for Love Inside and Out”  No Bad Body Talk

A Joke is Not a Joke if Someone Has to Pay, Hey!  A Joke is Not a Joke

The World is Ripe for Change  World is Ripe for Change

 NoteThe World is Ripe for Change has a musical accompaniment.  The other singer and the man who arranged the song is Mike Martin.  The other songs are more like jingles and are meant to be rough.  You take them and make them brilliant if you like.

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